Dale Schembri

Jun 22, 2016


Dale Schembri

Jun 22, 2016

Get productive with cloud-based office apps

Cloud-based office applications are quickly becoming one of the most widely-adopted solutions for data storage, as well as hosting IT services. Unsurprisingly, businesses around the world are discovering that introducing such apps leads to an increase in work productivity and overall revenue, amongst other benefits. Despite this, many professionals are still unaware how such apps can maximise their business output.

Indeed, nowadays it is entirely plausible for a business to consider replacing desktop software with cloud-based productivity apps altogether – or, at the very least, using them in conjunction with each other. According to statistics compiled by Freeform Dynamics, most professionals do in fact view web-based office solutions as being complementary to more conventional desktop programs.

Such is the case that only 6% of respondents to the above-mentioned research were ready to undertake a complete migration to web-based apps. However, 57% of respondents recognised that while current desktop solutions are effective, more business potential could be realised by taking on new solutions.

If cloud-based office apps work wonders, why are some business owners so sceptical? It really comes down to misconceptions, and not fully understanding the convenience of such apps. Many wrongly believe that web-based tools can only be accessed and used in-browser, whereas this is not the case. For example, businesses can ensure that hosted email services could be accessed through a local email client.
Many misunderstandings result from a fear that transitioning to cloud-based apps will be a hard process that may temporarily hinder productivity. Furthermore, such people may feel that after the effort of transitioning and learning how to use web-based office apps, the benefits will be exactly the same or negligible. In other words, they worry that such apps bring nothing new to the table. However, evidence shows that such worries can be put to rest – the benefits of cloud-based office apps are substantial.

One of the most noticeable benefits is heightened communication and team collaboration capabilities. Whether amongst colleagues or business partners, apps such as Skype for Business have made physical boundaries a thing of the past. All business proposals and collaborations can be conducted online with ease – the interface is sleek, the features are user-friendly, and as a result real-time communication is not a compromise in any way.

With the luxury of conducting every form of interaction, from business calls to entire conferences, maintaining collaboration at all levels is now more agile and cost-effective than ever.

Contrary to what some may think, data security is as top a priority as it is in desktop software equivalents. The most reputable cloud-based apps utilise the lawww security practises, to ensure your data cannot be lost in storage or in transit and to safeguard against it falling into the wrong hands. Furthermore, users retain all the same rights over their data.

It’s not just a case of your data being secure, though – analysing and monitoring that data is entirely convenient when using cloud-based office apps. The accompanying data analysis tools conduct thorough insights regarding how your business strategies are faring, and provide top quality reports that are rich in detail, all the while being completely comprehensive and packed with visuals that are easy to follow.

This ease of use makes it much more manageable for businesses to utilise data analysis as a means of improving their operation. By identifying their strongest and most problematic areas, companies can reorganise their strategies accordingly.

For tactful companies, making use of cloud-based office apps should, of course, translate into a significant increase in business productivity, regardless of the product or service offered. After all, these are tools designed to help you communicate, strategise, and sell. That means that these apps will help you increase the efficiency of your sales team, expand your target market, maximise the performance of business collaborations, and even help you foresee and latch onto the biggest upcoming market trends.

Should your enterprise adopt cloud-based office apps? With the promise of seamless communication opportunities and heightened potential for maximising your business output, looking into the idea is at least worthy of your consideration. Always keep in mind that if you’re uncomfortable with making a total transition, you could simply use cloud-based apps in conjunction with your current software.

BMIT, Malta’s largest business data services provider, has a number of products to accommodate all businesses and budgets. These solutions take the form of both Malta-based and international-based solutions including BMIT’s own Exchange Mail service, cloud backup services and Microsoft Office 365 packages, with the solutions being available through BMIT’s online store. By visiting BMIT’s website or by contacting the company directly, you can easily discover which solution would suit your needs best.

For an even closer look into how your business can benefit from adopting cloud-based apps, register to attend BMIT’s upcoming event on the 6th of July at the Hilton Malta, where various speakers will discuss the benefits of adopting IT-as-a-Service within your organisation, from the desktop, to the cloud, and to data centers.

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