Jan 09, 2013

Jan 09, 2013

Malta-based Business Intelligence Cloud platform launched

Social Media analytics application will be the first to be launched on platform

Having the right tools at hand to be able to effectively analyse mountains of data and information is critical for businesses to take the right decisions at the right time. This is where business discovery and business intelligence (BI) technologies and applications become key components in business decision making processes.

Such applications will become more accessible to local organisations following the announcement by BMIT Ltd and iMovo Ltd, of the launch of a cloud-based On Demand Business Intelligence platform based on the award winning QlikView business discovery platform. The cloud based platform will enable the deployment of a range of Business Intelligence applications.

The first such application is Socionomix, an innovative social analytics tool aimed at marketing and online professionals. Socionomix allows marketers to analyse and acquire unique insights into how their organisation’s social media presences and applications are driving customer engagement and contrasting this with the behaviour of their competitors’ own social media properties. Socionomix allows marketers to understand the demographics of their customers, the impact of marketing campaigns, measuring customer sentiment towards one’s brand as well as gauging customer behavioural patterns. Such application provides a powerful tool for any organisation willing to use social media such as Facebook as an integral part of its marketing and general marketing investment decision making process.

The launch of our Cloud On Demand Business Intelligence platform is another step in BMIT’s objective to allow businesses to harness the power of cloud services for their business. With no major upfront investments, an organisation can start benefiting from business discovery and business intelligence applications on a pay-per-use model, with easy access across platforms. This platform and the associated BI services, continues to extend our cloud services portfolio, which now includes cloud computing, communication and collaboration services, backup and storage, hosting, and now the ability to provide Business Intelligence applications,” said Christian Sammut, CEO of BMIT Limited.

Our partnership with BMIT will allow both companies to extend their reach and explore new market and business opportunities. Socionomix is the first of a family of social analytics applications we intend to roll-out via BMIT’s On Demand Business Intelligence platform. This partnership provides our customers with a unique opportunity to also leverage a cloud based platform for their analytical requirements in a secure and practical manner with very attractive financial terms. We look forward to working with BMIT to launch more new and exciting applications,” commented Pierre Mallia, Managing Director at iMovo Limited.

As part of this partnership agreement, iMovo will be responsible for application development and market initiatives, with BMIT providing the required technical set-up and related support.


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