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David Kelleher

Dec 05, 2023

David Kelleher Profile

David Kelleher

Dec 05, 2023

BMIT launches 'Hybrid Horizons' podcast

BMIT has embarked on a journey of transformation, expanding its role from the leading data centre and Cloud provider to cybersecurity solutions and managed services provider.

In the realm of cybersecurity, being a managed service provider (MSP) means more than just solutions and services; it's about providing guidance, fostering understanding of an ever-evolving digital landscape and helping businesses to base their buying decisions on solid advice – and knowledge.

For this reason, BMIT has launched 'Hybrid Horizons’, a podcast designed not only to occasionally talk about the new stuff the company brings to the marketplace but more importantly, to extend the conversation to topics that are of interest to businesses and those working with and in technology.

Why 'Hybrid Horizons'?

Cybersecurity is more than a set of tools; it calls for ongoing dialogue. 'Hybrid Horizons' extends the conversation beyond conventional security measures. It's about bringing you practical insights, unravelling complexities, and discussing topics that are usually only discussed at conferences or dedicated events.

The podcast will feature subject matter experts from BMIT, but the aim is to feature local and international experts who can provide unique insights on diverse topics in their field.

From understanding the basics to navigating the latest threats, we will be talking to experts from global vendors like Microsoft, Veeam and so on.

We also want to keep it simple. Discussions will revolve around actionable steps, proactive defence, and how to adapt to the evolving threat landscape.

The first Episodes

Episode 1: Cybersecurity Awareness

Delve into the essentials of cybersecurity awareness, exploring practical steps to secure your digital presence. BMIT’s Ivan Galea discusses the evolution of cyber threats, from DDoS attacks to phishing and ransomware.

Episode 2: Decrypting Microsoft's Latest Security Report

A practical breakdown of Microsoft's latest security report, offering insights and strategies derived from industry analysis by Microsoft’s security specialist Nikola Begovic.

Episode 3: Quantum Cybersecurity

We sit down with Professor Andre Xuereb to discuss the impact of quantum computing on cybersecurity, how our approaches to encryption are changing and the role of the EU-funded PRISM in creating secure communication channels.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Episodes are not longer than 30 minutes, perfect for your morning commute!

I hope you find ‘Hybrid Horizons’ interesting!

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