Mar 18, 2014

Mar 18, 2014

What are the benefits of offering managed services as part of data centre services?

DATA CENTRE MALTA - This article originally appeared in the Malta Report of the eGaming Review Magazine

Changing the Rules of the Game

Outsourcing IT operations to a managed data centre has become an essential component of the strategy of internet-based companies that do not possesses the resources to develop an in-house IT solution. Practically every aspect of a business’ IT requirements can be outsourced thanks to managed data hosting and cloud management.

By entrusting your IT needs to a professional data centre that works hand-in-hand with your organisation to create a solution customised for your egaming needs, you can benefit from dedicated equipment and a team of experts who support you in all your data requirements. A managed service saves you the time and money needed to acquire and maintain the necessary hardware to outfit an IT department, as well as train personnel to manage it.


The Key Benefits of Data Management Services

As the leading and largest data centre in Malta, BMIT has invested heavily in implementing cutting-edge technology that delivers high quality colocation and data management services. As a company with extensive experience in dealing with the specific requirements of players in the egaming industry, we offer a range of solutions tailored to the specific business needs and regulatory environment that characterise this sector. 

Data management is proving to be an invaluable service for companies in the egaming business. As computing realities become more complex, the need to disentangle one’s business operation from the IT platform supporting it is increasingly being felt by business owners. Outsourcing your IT department to a managed data centre frees precious time and resources that can be directed where they are needed most: growing your business potential and caring for your customers.

Managed hosting services are ideal for new and rapidly growing companies that have limited space and capital for the technical infrastructure needed to cope with the increased demand on their IT system. The key benefit of data management service is the ability to outsource the need for IT management, maintenance and support to an external provider.

Even established companies in the gaming business entrust their data needs to managed services in order to focus more clearly on meeting their business goals and satisfying their customers. BMIT provides its clients with the same level of customisation as an in-house solution but at a significantly lower cost and with the addition of dedicated attention from our expert technical team.


The Importance of Cloud Services for eGaming

The introduction of cloud computing has put a further obligation on professional data centres seeking to provide services to clients working in the egaming industry. It has become increasingly common for companies to demand for cloud server management alongside their managed data plan. Data centres are also expected to understand the relative benefits and security risks of different types of cloud offerings and be able to offer clients a solution that doesn’t compromise on either flexibility or security.

In view of the importance of cloud computing, BMIT has rolled out a range of fully-automated cloud services that are built on a robust and secure infrastructure developed in partnership with Parallels Automation. We offer clients a diverse spectrum of cloud types including public, private and hybrid models. The latter has proven to be a popular solution among egaming operators since it combines the security and customisability of an in-house solution with the scalability and affordability of external systems.

The main advantage of a hybrid cloud solution for gaming is its ability to accommodate sudden spikes in usage and avoiding unnecessary and potentially damaging downtime. An application would typically run on the private side of the cloud and if demand for computing capacity increases then the application spills over into the public cloud, providing continuity and a degree of redundancy. The appeal of hybrid cloud systems is very strong and the rising popularity of egaming, especially MMORPGs, is set to fuel demand for this type of cloud service in the future.


BMIT and Malta’s Position in the eGaming Industry

The Maltese market has consistently proven to be a natural environment for egaming operators to establish and grow their business. Besides the benefits of a stable geopolitical and economic situation, the island enjoys a robust egaming regulatory framework that permits overseas operators to start their business with the full cooperation of the authorities. Moreover, Malta has an international reputation as a hub for IT excellence due to the presence of state-of-art data facilities and highly qualified technical experts.

BMIT builds upon and expands on the advantages that being based in Malta entails. We operate two data centres in Malta, both with full power, incredible security, and multiple communications redundancy, complemented by the highest standard of operations and management. As the largest data centre in Malta and an established service provider for online gaming customers for many years, we have developed a distinct boutique-style of operation that focuses on providing a personalised and tailored service that adapts to the unique business goals of each of our clients.

BMIT has also distinguished itself as a secure and efficient partner, being fully certified with ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certifications, thus guaranteeing peace of mind and security to our customers. To ensure that our customers always have the highest uptime possible, our technical staff provide on-site, round-the-clock monitoring of the cloud system, as well as performing proactive maintenance. As part of our effort to consistently achieve this, BMIT is always looking into upgrading and enhance the current system to provide a better and more up-to-date service to clients.


Meeting Present and Future Industry Needs

In order to provide a managed data centre service that fits better with the needs of the gaming industry, BMIT has bolstered its managed hosting solutions with cloud server coverage. We aim to be a one-stop-shop that caters for the needs of our egaming clients and this is achieved by enhancing traditional data management offers with the lawww technological advances that characterise the day-to-day operations of the industry. Our technical staff is trained to respond to the needs of egaming clients and we can also provide tailored advice on regulations and dealing with different jurisdictions.

Whereas many companies charge their customers a flat monthly fee for their data services, BMIT offers an innovative pay-as-you-go option that provides greater flexibility and control to our clients. With this option, a company can choose to ramp up the amount of resources that are available to it at peak times and pay for the extra resources used only in that period. The same company can choose to downscale consumption again later when the demand has subsided.

This payment model has become increasingly relevant for egaming companies that experience varying levels of demand on their servers due to sudden peaks of traffic and complements the infrastructural flexibility that is inherent in the lawww hybrid cloud technology.


Creating a Level Playing Field

The role of hosting services as key partners of both small or large organisations in the gaming sector is increasingly evident through their ability to provide customisable and cost-effective solutions that maximise their clients’ business potential. The advantages of entrusting your data to a managed service is that information will be housed in a secure facility with a team of IT professionals available round-the-clock to provide you with any technical advice you need. 

All managed services can be tailored to your business’ requirements, and both offsite and onsite support is provided whenever you need it. This has to be accomplished without compromising on safety and standards certification is one way hosting companies offer clients peace of mind when searching for the ideal cloud solution for their business.

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