Dale Schembri

Feb 13, 2019


Dale Schembri

Feb 13, 2019

Your backups need some tender love and care

February has been associated with romance and love since time immemorial. It’s the time of year where we go that extra mile for our loved ones to show our appreciation (goes without saying that this should be year-round, but some extra TLC never hurts).  If you’re a business, is it any different? Your one true love is most definitely your data – you’re inseparable! But do you give it the attention it requires and undeniably deserves?

An effective backup strategy is critical if you really care about your data (you should). With BMIT’s recent release of its new Backup-as-a-Service solution, implementing a robust strategy is easier than ever. The question is, why should you?

Growth and planning ahead

Your business is thriving, and with growth come numerous challenges. New employees are coming in, bringing with them more devices and generating new data within the organization. There’s new clients on-board as well, so additional data is being created from multiple sources.

All this growth, while positive, can jeopardize data especially when companies just try to keep up with the rest of the industry and customer expectations, without planning ahead. Is your current backup strategy and infrastructure scalable for long-term growth or will it create gaps in your data if you keep expanding? If the answer is no, you’re risking potentially costly data losses which would far outweigh the cost of a scalable solution.

Additionally, as businesses grow, so do the demands for regulatory compliance such as long-term data retention. Any data backup system needs to be flexible enough to scale up and out, and vice versa.

The impact of data loss

Data backups are not a luxury, even for the smallest of businesses. On the contrary, they're a necessity if a business is seeking growth and momentum. An effective backup strategy is essentially insuring your business to make sure progress doesn’t come to a grinding halt in case of disruptions to your data.

Losing your data can have far-reaching effects. Employees’ productivity is impacted immediately and the company’s reputation takes a hit, possibly resulting in lost customers. Moreover, you’ll have to incur additional costs to recover your data, which might not necessarily be 100% successful.

Never too careful

There are multiple factors separating a good backup strategy from an excellent one, one of them being the backups’ location. Data redundancy is crucial to protect the business against the worst of disasters. Off-site backups in multiple locations ensure your data is secure,no matter what. BMIT’s Backup-as-a-Service supports backups for workstations, servers & virtual machines while also providing you the ability to back upon the cloud, in our multiple data centre facilities or your own premises.

We have partnered with Veeam and packaged a solution aimed at simplifying and centralizing the management of your backup strategy. This allows you to give it all the love and attention it deserves. Encrypted backups start from less than €5/month with no upfront cost – what’s more, they’re available on our online store.

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