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Matthias Attard

May 21, 2021

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Matthias Attard

May 21, 2021

What are the actual benefits of Azure?

Everyone in the technology sphere is aware about Microsoft Azure and it's expanding set of on-demand cloud services that help your business create a flexible and scalable infrastructure, store and manage data, create complex web apps, improve cybersecurity and compliance practices, and much much more. But what are the actual benefits of Microsoft Azure? Here is a list of all the benefits you will take advantage of when using Microsoft Azure's global cloud platform.


Transfer the hardware infrastructure issues and responsibility. Save time, money and labour-intensive tasks to maintain your infrastructure. Eliminate waiting time to deploy new infrastructure, spin new VMS with a click of a button and pay for what you use.  


Since Azure is a public cloud platform, businesses can scale up their infrastructure and services to align with their needs.


With the platform’s automation it enables elasticity to save your business the time and money, so that you pay for what you really need.


Microsoft Azure provides high-availability and redundancy across all its data centres. Azure is available in over 52+ regions worldwide and is available in 140 countries, making Azure well-suited to companies with a global reach. Because of its availability zones, Microsoft can offer a service-level agreement that ensures 99.95% up to 99.99% availability for VM infrastructure, which amounts to under 4.5 hours of downtime per year.


Microsoft is committed to continue improving its Azure services reliability by introducing more automation to its infrastructure in order to be less susceptible to component failures. And uses low-and-no-impact methods and technologies during maintenance on its infrastructure and services.


All data stored on Azure is protected by an advanced encryption process, and Microsoft’s data centers are outfitted with two-tier authentication, proxy card access readers and even biometric scanners. When paired with existing cybersecurity systems and policies, Azure’s built-in security tools can help maintain the privacy, integrity and availability of sensitive customer information. Through its multi-layered security model, Microsoft helps companies ward off data breaches, malware, DDos attacks and other evolving threats.


Over the years, Microsoft has become quite familiar with the need for strong and adaptive compliance controls. That’s why Azure offers more than 35 compliance offerings specific to the needs of key industries, including health care, government, finance, education, manufacturing and more. Through its built-in compliance tools, configuration management features and guidance resources, Microsoft helps organizations keep pace with the evolving regulatory guidelines like HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR and more.

How can BMIT Technologies help?

Every client we work with requires different solutions. So, we tackle each need with our expertise in technology, business strategy and innovation.

We propose and develop intelligent, secure infrastructure solutions, help build your internal capabilities and identify opportunities to enhance your business potential through the application of innovative technologies. This ensures a greater level of business management and progression.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Azure and how BMIT Technologies can help you take advantage of the benefits mentioned above? Read more about BMIT Technologies Azure services or reach out today and one of our Business Solution Advisors will be in touch!

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