Aug 01, 2014

Aug 01, 2014

IT tips for Summer 2014

Summer is in full swing and as days get longer and workloads (hopefully!) lighter, we can afford to spend more time relaxing on the beach. Even though you’ve escaped from the office, chances are you still haven’t got away from your computer/mobile devices. So here are some IT tips for Summer 2014, to help you protect your data while away from work and make the sunny season brighter.

5 IT tips for Summer 2014

1. When travelling abroad, make sure you backup your data in case your devices get lost or stolen.

2. Make sure to clear any sensitive work-related documents that you may still have saved on your laptop/mobile devices.Save these on an external storage device or lock ‘em up in the cloud.

3. Keep your password safe by changing it regularly throughout the summer months as well. Maybe people work less around this time, but that’s just the perfect excuse for hackers to make a move.

4. IT people who are still stuck at work, now’s the perfect time to carry out updates and upgrades to your company’s IT system.

5. Learn how to automate your email inbox by using filter and auto-responders. Less work for you equals more time to relax!

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