Oct 16, 2012

Oct 16, 2012

5 Reasons why you should take your backup online

For a growing number of companies, the question is no longer whether online backups are the right choice, but rather which online backup provider they should trust to be responsible for their critical business data.

Data is the lifeblood of many businesses. A company needs it to run operations, record transactions and measure progress. Without timely access to data, a business might never recover. Local backup is a step in the right direction, but it only gives a limited assurance.

These are 5 reasons why your backups should be taken online with BMIT.

1) Best Protection
When your data is stored or backed up online, it is kept safe both from site specific problems like power outages, fire, theft or leaky plumbing, as well as from regional catastrophes like earthquakes and hurricanes. Any of these events could wipe out your original data and your local backup copy. When it comes to security, online backups are generally more secure than in-house backup solutions because computers and data are affected by natural disaster, power failures or surges, viruses, theft or human error and your in-house backup will suffer the same fate. Furthermore, tape backups are generally left unencrypted and therefore not very secure. Almost anyone could read them and gain access to your clients, sales, prospects, notes, billing records, payroll and whatever else you back up.

2) It makes sense
Many companies simply don’t have the necessary resources in place to efficiently handle data backups and recovery. A myriad of security threats come from within organisations and stories of disgruntled or dishonest employees deleting or damaging critical business data are not unheard of. The risks and costs to you also escalate when taking care of backups internally. A data backup provider, however, is in the business of providing failsafe data backups and their resources in this regard are almost limitless compared to an average company’s, as the service is, after all, the company’s life blood.

3) Cost
Online backups offer a stronger return on investment partly because they eliminate the cost of physically having to backup data internally, but also because files can be restored quickly 24/7—often within minutes—thus keeping productivity high.
Additionally, with reputable online backup providers, there are no set up fees, installation costs or any equipment to purchase. Further still, since you’ll be using the provider’s servers, more information can be stored at a lower cost.

4) It’s Automatic
Switching to online data backup means never having to say, “I forgot.” The days when your IT staff had to worry about shuttling tapes is over, and they can concentrate on more important and urgent matter. BMIT’s cloud backup services work automatically and in the background to sync your data. Some online data backup services are always backing up your data in response to changes the services detect in your data. Yet others will work off a backup schedule that your organization controls.

5) Support
Many companies overlook this factor, but they shouldn’t because in case you do need to peruse your online backup, support will be the first point of contact. Good online backup providers offer dedicated recovery specialists and round-the-clock support. BMIT’s experts have a lot more data recovery experience than your company’s IT staff and are trained and experienced in recovering data more quickly. Of course since we pride ourselves on being top of the field, here at BMIT we offer setup, monitoring, wwwing and alerting services so that you can focus on more critical business operations with full peace of mind, all while saving on backup costs.

BMIT’s cloud backup solution is easy to manage and supports various operating systems. It offers you the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your data is safely stored at our leading Data Centre at all times.

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