Hosted SharePoint 

Improve your business’ effectiveness, collaboration and content management

The best and most cost-effective way to share information and empower your team to work together is using SharePoint. BMIT offers Hosted SharePoint to help organisations, teams, and business units become more effective by seamlessly connecting people and information.

What exactly does SharePoint do?

It gives your organisation secure access to important files and allows you to share documents and manage projects better through a collaboration environment and/or intranet. BMIT’s Hosted SharePoint can be easily integrated with Hosted Exchange. Our focus is on helping organisations get the highest possible value from SharePoint and we do this by engineering solutions using the tools provided out–of-the-box to bring immediate ROI to the organisation.

Hosted SharePoint Collaboration
Starting from €3.00/site/month
Site 1
Dedicated IP 1
Users 1
Storage 200 MB
Additional 5 GB Storage €0.30/month
Additional 25 GB Storage €1.00/month
Additional SharePoint Users €1.00/month

*All prices are exclusive of VAT

What can it do for your business?

File Sharing – Take team collaboration to a new level with file and document sharing capabilities. Threaded discussions, surveys, shared calendars, task lists and other features help you and your teammates keep connected and productive.

Meeting spaces – Centralise all information and material for your meetings. Publish the agenda, attendees list and document that you plan to discuss. Use this workspace during the meeting to update results and keep everyone updated.

Photo and image Sharing – Provide a single location for team members to view, share, edit, and download multimedia content such as marketing material, including campaigns, logos and/or other marketing material.

Task manager – Create lists to assign tasks to team members, specify priorities and due dates and indicate status and progress.

Manage- Implement and manage websites, intranets and /or other collaboration environment

Announcements – Post news, updates and information to everybody involved in a project within SharePoint.

Calendars – Manage your projects well. SharePoint’s calendar feature allows you to keep track of tasks and deadlines while allowing multiple users to access it from everywhere.

Contacts – Communicate with your co-workers; enter their names and contact information and make them available to everybody in your team. Link contacts to your address book.

Reports and Tracking – Track project status at a glance through charts and see that everything is going well. Conduct online surveys and encourage employee feedback to increase productivity and efficiency. 

  • As a regulated investment services business, we take the business of providing continuous service to our customers seriously. Our business, like most others, is nowadays dependent on our IT infrastructure. Ensuring its continuous operation and the availability of information is of paramount importance. In this context, we have evaluated various options to streamline the IT operational support function whilst ensuring continued compliance with regulatory requirements.

    BMIT provided us with an optimal solution on the business continuity and disaster recovery side which includes secure backups at their data centres and the management of the business continuity process. Both BMIT’s commercial and technical teams have satisfied our expectations in terms of the quality of service provided, in their advice and also in ensuring that the business continuity mechanisms are constantly operational.
  • "In qualità di attività regolamentata di servizi di investimento, prendiamo sul serio l’offerta di un servizio continuo ai nostri clienti. La nostra attività, come molte altre, è oggi dipendente dalla nostra infrastruttura IT, perciò è di fondamentale importanza garantire il funzionamento continuo e la disponibilità delle informazioni. In questo contesto, abbiamo valutato diverse opzioni per ottimizzare la funzione di supporto operativo IT garantendo al contempo il continuo rispetto dei requisiti normativi.

    BMIT ci ha fornito una soluzione ottimale sul lato business continuity e disaster recovery, che include backup sicuri presso i loro data center e la gestione del processo di business continuity. Entrambi i team commerciali e tecnici di BMIT hanno soddisfatto le nostre aspettative in termini di qualità del servizio erogato, con i loro consigli e anche nel garantire che i meccanismi di business continuity siano sempre in funzione."
  • “Our company has been looking for solutions to host our company e-commerce with minimal interruptions, and to keep a backup of our critical data outside our premises.

    BMIT have offered us amazing services with an uninterrupted uptime and great care. Their professional team has gone beyond their way to help us with whatever we required.”
  • "This partner had to be mature and trustworthy enough to guarantee that our site will not be offline at any moment in time and also could warrant that the site will load as fast as if it were located next to the customer’s residence. This already was a tall order, however we also wanted a partner who would match the excellence that we are striving for in order to achieve 150% customer satisfaction!

    Additionally, we expected state-of the art technology, professionalism, excellent service and the shortest possible response times for trouble- shooting on a 24x7 basis because this is how we work! Thankfully, we found all this at BMIT. Moreover, they faced each of the challenges we presented them with great enthusiasm and professionalism - which is a credit to BMIT and the individual team members."
  • "IT Muller provides a wide array of services to a large number of clients. The huge range of services our company requires calls for a provider whose reputation is ironclad in terms of dependability and customer service. BMIT hit top marks in both areas, never shirking from any challenge we have presented them, even when complex set-ups were required.

    Our arrays of hosting requirements include using BMIT’s data center as well as their cloud offerings. Not once have we had occasion where BMIT fell short of the mark with us; their service has always been prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and extremely professional."