About Us

BMIT was launched in 2003 and had since grown to become one of the leading companies of its kind in Europe.

Our focus remains our expert hosting and colocation services, though we constantly strive to build on our facilities and proficiency across numerous emerging technologies.

Everything that we do is supported by a highly-specialised team of dedicated professionals, all of whom consider complete customer satisfaction to be one of their core priorities.

Meanwhile, our clients are guaranteed further peace of mind thanks to the plethora of security measures that have been put in place, including a perimeter alarm and constantly-monitored CCTV system.

Additionally, we believe that another of our strengths lies in our ability to provide a one-stop technological solution to our customers, whatever their area of expertise.

In fact, our portfolio of features and services includes:

  • A selection of colocation, managed and cloud services
  • Access to data centres in Malta and several cities across Europe
  • A choice of single or multi-site set-ups
  • Availability of a range of services at each locality
  • One single bill
  • Connectivity through leading pan-European network operators
  • A one-stop shop solution that handles all contacts, preparations and support required, irrespective of location
  • Optional disaster recovery functionality away from the main site

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BMIT Limited is owned by BMIT Technologies plc.