How SharePoint empowers enterprise IT

With its huge list of features and its high dependability, SharePoint is a highly desirable wall-to-wall solution for the enterprise.

However, in exactly what ways does using SharePoint empower your enterprise and its IT?

SharePoint frees up IT resources 

Using Sharepoint, your IT department will be able to focus on more important, mission critical business, rather than wasting their time with minute issues. This way, your most technical department places its focus on big projects that drive your business. The delivery time for projects is reduced because those small tasks which IT is normally forced to take over, pulling the department away from the really important projects, are handed over to users on a controlled, easy-to-use platform. 

Furthermore, by moving or consolidating tasks into SharePoint, your business can also reallocate hardware and resources to other tasks which need these resources more. 

You have control

Hosted SharePoint prevents users from circumventing your IT experts in the IT department and implementing solutions that haven’t been properly inspected and vetted. This way, users are free to tailor solutions without worrying about the backend, as it’s all done in SharePoint. Hosted SharePoint, unlike rogue applications or processes which sit outside of IT, risk data loss and proprietary information leaks is completely controlled by you.

If a user goes ahead and creates a Sharepoint solution which will need to be serviced by IT, the SharePoint platform can serve as a familiar, sturdy platform that allows easy administration and support for both the end user and the IT team. 

Scale up or down as needed

Solutions of many shapes and sizes tend to grow or shrink in importance and requirements along with their business. While this may present an IT nightmare when using more traditional methods, if you’re using Hosted SharePoint, this is a complete non-issue. Even if originally you had a solution for one team, it can easily be evolved into a broader, full-fledged and business-wide solution using the Hosted SharePoint platform.

Your IT department can govern and monitor applications built on the Hosted SharePoint platform without greatly increasing costs and if needed, ownership can be transferred from departments to IT using a deliberate, pre-planned process.

All the info you need

Let’s face it, we all get way too many emails, so sometimes we’ll overlook or ignore that critical message. Use SharePoint to consolidate communications within an activity stream thus streamlining communication and eliminating the workflow of email.

Sharepoint activity streams are visible across SharePoint, desktop clients, mobile clients and Outlook, which encourages instant communication within an organisation. Because activity streams in SharePoint aggregate information from multiple sources they provide an easy and effective means to get the attention of busy employees.

Try SharePoint today and get intelligently productive!

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