Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) FAQs

What is BMIT Backup-as-Service?

BMIT Backup-as-Service or BaaS is a complete backup solution, that allows you to back up your data in one of our data centres, on the cloud and even as offsite backup for your on-site set-up. We will provide you with all the required tools to backup desktops and laptops,servers and virtual machines, using a pay-per-use model.

How is BMIT Backup-as-Service (BaaS) charged?

The full list of charges is available on the BaaS service page. You will be charged for the type and number of licenses which you subscribe to, and the amount of storage required for the backup repository.

Different licenses are required for workstation, server or virtual machines.

How shall I purchase the service and the licenses I require?

Service and licenses are offered via our online store and our cloud control panel.  If you are already a cloud customer, you may use your existing credentials to log in and purchase the service. If you are a new user, you would need to create an account prior to proceeding.

As a Veeam Partner BMIT can also provide standalone Veeam rental licenses.  Speak to our sales team for all available options.

Can I increase or decrease my licenses?

 Yes. You can make changes to the type of quantity of licenses via the BMIT Cloud Control Panel.  Some restrictions apply for yearly commitments.

Do you provide a service administration portal?

 Yes. Once you subscribe we will send you details on how to access a specific portal / management console which allows you to manage your backups. The Management Portal URL is Through this portal you can manage a wide range of features including:

What happens if I use more licenses than the ones I have procured?

You should always ensure that you purchase the required licenses via the Cloud Portal prior to assigning any new licenses via the management console. This will ensure a smooth administration of your service.  If, for any reason, you use more licenses than the purchased amount, then at the end of the month we will retroactively charge you for any used licenses.  A full month charge will apply in this case, irrespective of when such additional licenses started to be used. To avoid this always ensure that the amount of licenses purchased is at least equal to the licenses being assigned and used via the management console.

What technology do you use to provide service?

We have partnered with Veeam to provide an industry leading solution. Coupled to this, we have also built the required storage farms within our data centres in order to provide you with a high quality yet affordable solution / service.

How long does it take to provision this service?

Usually a couple of hours from when you place the order.  Our 24x7 technical team will run some checks and then send you a confirmation email that service is ready.  The same email will also include the required credentials for log-in to the management console.

I already have Veeam licences.  Can I use them with the BMIT service?

Depends. If you have licenses which allow you to access Veeam’s Cloud Connect then yes, you can.  You would just need to purchase the storage from us and then point the cloud connect repository to us.  Our cloud connect repository is . Please contact us for more information on how to go about setting this up.

Is the service GDPR compliant?

Yes, this service was designed to be GDPR compliant from inception. All company-wide processes related to GDPR also apply to this service.  Moreover, we have in place the necessary data processing addenda with those 3rd parties that provide software and systems that are part of this service.