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Jack Mizzi

Chief Marketing Officer

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As featured on iNTERGAMINGi issue 2/2017

At BMIT, we strive to provide our customers with a premium service and the best possible connectivity.  As Malta’s largest multi-site data centre provider, with data centre presence in Italy and Germany, BMIT provides its customers with the faswww and most secure connection out of Malta to mainland Europe. With an entirely new 40Gbps network dedicated solely to BMIT clients, and protected by a multi-tiered DDoS protection and mitigation platform, peace of mind for our customers is our top-most priority. We also work in conjunction with leading Tier 1 providers to provide best-of-breed services for our esteemed clientele.

Over the years BMIT has also established itself as Malta’s largest and most experienced IT solutions provider of services to industries who have a high dependency on being always online, such as iGaming. These investments further enhance BMIT’s leadership in the local market in this critical business segment. In fact, the majority of iGaming operators in Malta trust BMIT to keep their services up and running 24/7.

With optimal real-time performance being a critical requirement for online gaming operators, BMIT’s investment in a new private network effectively eliminated all hops up to Italy and Germany. This upgrade means that our performance is now comparable to mainland Europe service providers, while our international presence enables our clients to choose between hosting in Malta or data centres out of Malta, such as Italy and Germany. Following the deployment of this network, we have received excellent feedback from clients regarding available capacity, latency and overall performance.

While top-notch performance is crucial in a network, protecting it is equally as important for online businesses. The internet is under heavier attacks than ever. Not only are DDoS attacks on the rise, but they are also increasing in size. According to major industry players, in the first half of 2016, there was a 73% increase in peak attack size over 2015. In past years, attackers would see that a site or network was protected and just find another target instead of wasting their time on a secured setup. Nowadays, they keep their attacks up, hoping that the defences might drop. Gaming operators are not immune to this, and although there is no specific pattern of attack, we do notice increased activity around international sporting events.

BMIT provides a multi-tiered DDoS protection and mitigation service. Key elements of the solution are an upstream scrubbing centre and inline traffic analysers and scrubbers. Whereas the upstream scrubbing centre mitigates the high volume attacks, the inline scrubbers help with the monitoring and fine-detailed scrubbing and gathering of real-time information.

Upgrades to our network infrastructure were our biggest priority last year, however, to ensure that our portfolio fully addresses our ever changing customer needs, over the recent years, we have undergone a full transformation of our service offering. As a result, we have shifted ourselves from a traditional colocation and hosting provider to a fully-fledged IT solutions provider. BMIT’s services do include not only co-location and hosting but also a full suite of cloud-enabled services as well as the ability to offer our customers managed services and solutions.

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