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Changes to Managed Backup for M365

Microsoft has introduced a new set of APIs called Teams Export APIs. As of 31st January 2023, these APIs will be the only method to retrieve and protect Teams Chat Message data. BMIT Managed backup for M365 has been updated to Veeam’s latest released version of Veeam Backup for M365 v6a to support the use of such APIs.

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How will this affect BMIT customers?

How BMIT Managed Backup for M365 is currently protecting Teams Chat data. Our managed solution uses Veeam software to access a (hidden) folder called TeamsMessageData which contains all chat message data and backs it up according to the backup policy.

So what's changing?

Starting from 31st January 2023, Microsoft will totally restrict all access to this folder, and the only option to back up chat message data would be to use the new Teams Export APIs that Microsoft will make available. Note that the rest of the Teams data, including metadata, channels, tabs, files, and membership, will continue to be protected as usual.

Microsoft Teams Export APIs
Teams Export APIs are designed to access teams chat data directly. These APIs are protected and require special access rights to be enabled on your Microsoft 365 tenant. To continue to backup chat:

• You would need to request access to Microsoft directly, using this Microsoft form.
• Once access is granted, please notify us such that we can make the required changes to your backup configuration
• Applicable fees (see below) start to apply

Fees for the use of the Microsoft Teams Export APIs
These APIs are available via an Azure subscription, and their use is charged on consumption basis i.e. Microsoft will charge you for each message that is backed up. A fee of $0.00075 per message applies. You will receive a monthly bill at the beginning of every month, through your Azure subscription.  You would be able to estimate total costs by checking the usage reports through the Microsoft Teams Admin Center .

Next Steps

Option 1
Option 2
Backup all Teams data with the exception of Chat Message data

If you would like to continue backing up the Teams data, including metadata, channels, tabs, files and membership BUT NOT THE CHAT Message DATA, you need not do anything. Your current subscription caters for this.

This option is applicable for organisations who do not consider Teams chat data as business critical, and therefore do not necessitate to be backed up.
Backup all Teams data including Chat Message data

If you would like to continue backing up the Teams data, including metadata, channels, tabs, files, membership and CHAT DATA, additional steps are required: 

  1. You must have an Azure Subscription. If you have an Azure Active Directory log in to If not, you need to create a new subscription 
  2. In Azure, find Azure Active Directory > App registrations and search Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 to gather the required information. 
  3. Open the Microsoft form provided to apply for access to Teams Export APIs.  
  4. Fill in the below as follows: 
  • Email Address(s): insert your Microsoft email address or the owner within your organisation. You can include multiple addresses using semicolon. (EXAMPLE: 
  • Publisher Name: Veeam Software Corporation 
  • Application Name: Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 (the actual name can be retrieved from Azure App Registrations) 
  • Application ID(s): Copy the ID retrieved from the Azure Portal > Active directory > App registration (Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365) 
  • Azure Billing Subscription ID: Enter your active azure subscription ID on which the billing will be issued ( > Home > Subscriptions) 
  • Select Category: “backup / restore” 

Click next to finalise your application. Access is provided by Microsoft within a few days but can take up to 14 days or more, so best to plan in advance.  

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Do I need to back up Chat Message Data?

If your organisation does not consider Teams chat message data as business critical or sensitive, and therefore do not necessitate to be backed up, then you might decide to exclude such data from your backup policy.  

Use these questions along with usage reports to help you decide on whether to backup the Teams Chat usage: 

  1. Do we use Teams chat daily? And for what purpose? 
  2. How many messages in total (as an organisation) do we send on a daily/monthly? Is the additional expense (total number of messages x $0.00075) justified? 
  3. Is Teams Chat Message data of any value to my organisation? 
  4. If a disaster had to occur and recovery does not contain Teams Chat messages, will this impact my daily operation, financials, or any other business function?  


If you decide to proceed with protecting Teams Chat Message data, then you are kindly requested to open a support ticket with BMIT so that we can make the necessary changes on the Managed Backup for M365 infrastructure. BMIT can also provide guidance and support at no extra cost for the Microsoft API application process. Azure tenant / subscription creation may incur charges. 

 If you decide to stop protecting Teams Chat Message data, then you are not required to do any changes, and Teams chat backup will stop as from 1st February 2023.   

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