Intelligent Security through Technology

The role of Cloud and AI within Financial Services

26th March 2019 • Hilton, St. Julian's • Limited Seats Available • Free Entrance

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Security and compliance are important considerations for many businesses, but are critical and indispensable for operators in the financial services and related industries. No organisation is too small, or too local, to be the target of malicious attacks or a victim to security breaches.

Join us and our guests for this morning event in which we will zoom in on a number of security related topics and share with you how we think that a set of technologies, and especially cloud and AI solutions, can truly provide the right insights and tools to your organisation’s security and compliance requirements.

Agenda & Speakers

Registration & Coffee
Building Bridges to Facilitate Cloud Journeys
From the desktop to the data centre to the cloud
Nick Tonna, BMIT
Striking the Balance
Focusing on security features without impacting user productivity or limiting mobility
Curt Gauci, BMIT
Cyber Security Threat Landscape
Notes from the field about the current cyber security threats to organizations
George Balafoutis, Microsoft
Coffee Break
Operation Trust
Security, Privacy, and Compliance in the Microsoft Cloud
Jonathan Vella, Microsoft
Combating the Insider threat within financial services
Case Study
Ben Kennedy, Dtex Systems
Panel Discussion

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26th March 2019 • Hilton, St. Julian's • Limited Seats Available • Free Entrance