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Be Prepared. How to protect your business from DDoS attacks

Date: Thursday 22 April
Time: 14:00 - 14:45 (GMT+2)

2020 was another year of records when it comes to DDoS attacks. Despite the global turmoil, attacks have persisted, increased in intensity and became smarter. At BMIT Technologies we mitigated against a good number of such attacks on our clients, as it becomes evident that no business is safe from being attacked.

What are we going to talk about?

What is DDoS? How difficult is it to launch an attack?

DDoS Trends

How to protect yourself against a malicious attack

How to plan before you get attacked... and when you're under attack.

Join our speakers as they go through some DDoS fundamentals, share some interesting data and recommend ways how to protect your business from such attacks.

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Gordon Bezzina
Gordon Bezzina

Chief Technical Officer

Ivan Galea 3
Ivan Galea

Product Manager

Nick Tonna
Nick Tonna

Chief Commercial Officer

Learn more about DDoS and how you can Be Prepared.

Do you own a business that depends on online presence to survive? Do you work in IT security? Yes?

Then it’s not just Covid-19 stats you should be looking at. During 2020, despite the pandemic hitting everyone globally DDoS attacks increased by over 15% over 2019. That sounds like yet another percentage, but the actual impact can be devastating for businesses, small and big alike.

A DDoS attack is a threat to your ability to continue doing business. As businesses have grown more dependent on the Internet and web-based applications and services, online availability has become as essential as electricity and water.

DDoS attacks can be mitigated, if you are prepared. A key part of that preparation lies in a regular engagement with your service provider to ensure that the right set-up is in place, end-to-end.

If you would like to know more about BMIT’s DDoS offering, join us for this webinar.

DDoS Webinar