Business Intelligence Solutions

Having the right tools at hand to be able to effectively analyse mountains of data and information is critical for you to take the right business decisions at the right time. This is where Business Discovery and Business Intelligence applications come into play.

At BMIT we have invested in a Cloud On Demand Business Intelligence Platform to be able to offer these services on a pay-per-use model, and without major investments for the customer. Usually a BI application is not affordable for most small to medium businesses, due to the high investment involved – but we would like to remove this barrier as much as possible.

To be able to offer such services in the best manner possible, we have partnered with iMovo, a leading business intelligence and customer relationship management specialist firm.  Jointly we will be developing applications and providing the required technical set-up and support to benefit from Business Intelligence services and solutions.

Socionomix-Official Logo

Most marketers associate social media value with intangible benefits, such as increased awareness, website traffic and favourable perceptions of the organization. But how does this awareness and goodwill translate into profits? For most organisations the answer is unclear.

This is exactly the reason why Socionomix was developed – to provide insights into social media activity and engagement like never before.

Key Benefits
  • Obtain unique insights in a very intuitive and visual format
  • Benchmarking your social media campaigns against the competition through side-by-side comparisons between your own brand and your selected competitors
  • Identify the ‘influentials’ in the ecosystem of fans and customers, enabling you to target them more effectively
  • Obtain insight on the kind of content that works best for your organisation or for your competition, so you can optimise accordingly
  • Gain unique sentiment analysis: insight into how people ‘feel’ about your organisation

In a nutshell, Socionomix enables you to gain an excellent understanding of the metrics and motivators of social media so that you’re finally able to track social media ROI!

If you would like to know more or if you require specific BI applications, talk to us!