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Is your data safe enough?

Dale Schembri - April 11, 2019

In Verizon’s 2018 breach investigation report, over 65% of network intrusions were a result of hacking or social engineering attacks. So what can businesses do to protect against hackers’ attempts at accessing their data? When it comes to best-practices for online security, two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) are always brought to the fold. […]

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Can outsourcing be the springboard your business needs?

Marvic Battistino - July 25, 2017

You’re just starting out your business or are in the process of expanding it, when you’re hit with an age-old conundrum. How should your resources be prioritized to ensure optimal business growth? You can invest in the profit-generating part of your organization, such as the sales team and infrastructure, or else the supporting pillar that […]

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What’s Business Continuity Management and why does your business need it?

Alex Brankovic - May 30, 2017

Reality check: Modern businesses rely on their digital capabilities now more than ever. Downtime has become a terrifying thing to even utter, let alone consider. This is why an effective Business Continuity Plan has become a cornerstone in every business, with IT-centric businesses being no exception. Business Continuity is all about identifying what your key […]

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Outsourcing your IT Services Can Make All the Difference in your Business

Dale Schembri - January 30, 2017

From start-ups to larger entities, companies in all fields are rapidly coming to recognise the importance of having access to IT services – IT services that are not only competent but also equipped to aid your business in growing while running as efficiently as possible. Yet, IT services are a resource like no other, and […]

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Outsourcing IT in the Financial Industry

- November 17, 2016

A cornerstone of modern banking is the availability of banking services on a 24/7 basis such as online banking and ATMs. Failure to provide such facilities, particularly due to negligence, can have dire consequences for any financial institution. In 2012, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, including NatWest and Ulster Bank, suffered a system outage […]

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Reducing your exposure to risk

Jack Mizzi - May 26, 2016

Data is the new currency of the digital world and for businesses to thrive today, it is imperative they start handling the information they process daily more effectively. This requires having the right infrastructure in place and the expertise to maintain it, all while abiding within the legal and regulatory frameworks that govern the use, […]

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Managed Services: Lifesaver or Budget Crusher?

Jack Mizzi - February 25, 2016

Suppose you’re a manager in a firm. Some of your time is spent making strategic decisions for your team, delegating tasks and coordinating work between people. You might be called in to interview new recruits and give your thoughts about the layout and content of the company website. You also spend time with the tech […]

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What are the benefits of offering managed services as part of data centre services?

- March 18, 2014

DATA CENTRE MALTA - This article originally appeared in the Malta Report of the eGaming Review Magazine Changing the Rules of the Game Outsourcing IT operations to a managed data centre has become an essential component of the strategy of internet-based companies that do not possesses the resources to develop an in-house IT solution. Practically every […]

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Outsourcing IT without disrupting business continuity

- March 18, 2014

This article originally appeared on the March 16, 2014 edition of The Sunday Times of Malta - TECH SUNDAY. Given the huge importance of data, proper data management is the cornerstone of any modern business, but not every organisation possesses the resources to develop an in-house IT solution that caters to their business needs. Outsourcing […]

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Managed services for measurable results

- February 19, 2014

In a world where IT becomes ever more central to the operations of a business and data needs are more complex, handling the technology behind it is not something for the faint-hearted. Taking a do-it-yourself approach to managing IT is a costly and time-consuming affair. Not every company has the resources to develop an in-house IT […]

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