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BMIT Announces New €10m Data Centre Facility

Jack Mizzi - February 5, 2019

BMIT, Malta’s largest data centre, cloud and managed services provider, has announced the building of its newest data centre in Malta, further reinforcing their status as the leading multi-site data centre on the island. The company, trusted by over 250 Malta-based gaming operators, is set to open this new state of the art purpose-built facility […]

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The Data centre in the Blockchain era

Joe Clarke - August 3, 2018

Proponents of blockchain can be certain that the day will come when articles will not start with a round of definitions Maybe we are not quite there yet, but I don’t intend to add my definitions to those already out there, so for blockchain, distributed ledger technology (DLT), Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts Wikipedia offers a […]

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BMIT expands its portfolio with a new load balancing solution

- March 6, 2017

BMIT, Malta’s leading provider of data centre, cloud and managed IT services, has just enhanced its Managed Services portfolio with the introduction of a Load Balancer-as-a-Service. The company has opted for a Brocade-based solution, therefore ensuring that industry-leading technology is being adopted for both its data centre-based as well as on-premise customers. In the process, […]

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Protecting your data

Jack Mizzi - March 22, 2016

 Data is the life-blood of modern enterprises and, just like the real thing, they cannot afford to lose any of it. Given that companies today collect and utilise larger volumes of data than ever before for their everyday activities, how many of them consider the critical issues surrounding disaster recovery management and the devastating consequences […]

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BMIT announces investment of €3 million in a new data centre at SmartCity Malta

- April 29, 2015

SmartCity Malta, 29th April 2015: BMIT announced today an investment of €3 million in a new data centre at SmartCity Malta. The investment will drastically increase Malta’s data centre capacity and consolidate further BMIT’s position as Malta’s largest data centre provider.  This investment is one of a series which BMIT will be announcing over the […]

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Outsourcing IT without disrupting business continuity

- March 18, 2014

This article originally appeared on the March 16, 2014 edition of The Sunday Times of Malta - TECH SUNDAY. Given the huge importance of data, proper data management is the cornerstone of any modern business, but not every organisation possesses the resources to develop an in-house IT solution that caters to their business needs. Outsourcing […]

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What data should you back-up and why?

- November 2, 2012

Data is absolutely essential and central to many businesses. A company needs its data in order to run operations, record transactions and measure progress. So what data should you back up, and why? The basic rule to follow in business data protection is this; “Will losing the data interfere with doing business?” If yes, back […]

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5 Reasons why you should take your backup online

- October 16, 2012

For a growing number of companies, the question is no longer whether online backups are the right choice, but rather which online backup provider they should trust to be responsible for their critical business data. Data is the lifeblood of many businesses. A company needs it to run operations, record transactions and measure progress. Without […]

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Data Centres & IT Support: Keeping up with the times

- September 13, 2012

With swathes of new technology and regulation bombarding the egaming industry, Jack Mizzi of BMIT discusses what needs to be done for data centres and IT support to keep up. From our experience, a data centre’s success and longevity emanates from its ability to keep pace and align itself with its clients’ business and IT […]

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Choosing your data centre service provider

- August 21, 2012

Choosing your data centre service provider is an exciting and informative process, however, if you don’t know what you should be looking for, this can turn into an arduous and stressful process. Just like buying a car or a computer, you need to think of your requirements foremost, and crosscheck these with what the data […]

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